About The Best Dog Food HQ

About the Best Dog Food HQ

June 9th, 2015

Our Mission is simple. We exist to help dog owners choose the best food possible for their beloved pets. Every breed. Every size. Through every stage in life.

We strive to do this first through education on our blog and Youtube channel— so you can gain the knowledge necessary to make smart decisions based on current scientific research and what you feel is best for your dog and your budget.

1. Science-backed facts

It’s important to us that all the information provided on this site is backed up by modern science. All of our articles provide a list of trusted sources for further independent research. Occasionally, you will see one of these green icons floating within an article. These are Lis’ famous Science Corners. Give it a click!

Science Corner!

We use these nifty devices to explain some scientific concepts a bit more in depth, without overloading the articles in nerd-speak. And by “nerd-speak” we obviously mean “awesome science speak,” for those in-the-know. ;)

Educating dog owners involves not only publishing new product reviews on a weekly basis, but also explaining complicated food science and animal science concepts in easily-digestible tidbits. New videos will soon be coming out regularly to provide visual explanations and demonstrations.

2. Spread the word

The second way we hope improve the lives of dogs everywhere is simply by raising awareness about premium dog food choices in public spaces. For the time being, that means social media; but, in the future we will seek deeper community involvement.

We like to believe more dog owners would opt for higher-quality, premium dog foods if they just knew their true value. That means informing everyone of the negative effects of poor diets, too.

This is a crucial part of our purpose. Ideally, TBDFhq will grow to be a thriving community of people willing to help spread the word. At the end of the day, we just really love dogs— and we want to help everyone take the best possible care of these wonderful, loyal creatures we call our best friends.

The Best Dog Food Profiler

Currently, we are working hard on developing the backend application that will soon power not only this website, but provide a ton of functionality and benefits to our visitors. The dog food profiler will let users:

  • Set up profiles that include your pets
  • Use our advanced filters to find the best dog foods for your family
  • Search an extensive database of premium dog foods
  • Add products to a favorites category
  • Receive special offers to save money on your favorite items

All this and more coming very soon.

About Lis

My career in the pet care industry began with my bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture. While in school, I learned how to apply my talent for scientific methodology to my passion for animals. After college, it was time to figure out how to put those skills to use in the “real world.”

Lis Stribling with dogs Khaleesi and Maps!I’ve spent much of my working life helping pet owners find what they need in specialty, family-owned pet supply stores. Every one I worked at focused on providing premium foods to their customers, and gave me the practical knowledge and experience necessary to help pet owners in every situation.

Veterinary clinics have also been a training ground for me. I’ve had the opportunity to work with pets and their owners from all walks of life. From this particular vantage point, I could see firsthand the effects of diet + lifestyle, both good and bad, on puppies all the way up to senior dogs.

When I started at the University of Tennessee’s Endocrine Diagnostic Lab Service, I thought I had found the perfect way to marry my love for science and animals. As a lab technologist, I tested samples for endocrine disorders for animals all over the world.

Every step of my journey so far has helped to prepare me for The Best Dog Food HQ.

We are just getting started.


If you have questions about anything you read here, you can leave a comment, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or drop us a line. We read everything and will respond ASAP!





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